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Today many organizations are recognizing the importance of forward thinking through conserving our resources and protecting our environment. A strong EHS culture is now seen as a differentiating factor in the market place. Many public and private companies alike as well as government institutions, and non-profit organizations now insist on suppliers documenting key such as greenhouse gas emissions, building efficiency, recycling, and more.

How Huco can Help

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System Planning & Setup Our goal is to cost effectively help customers create a user friendly EHS+S solution focused on supporting the organization. We help customers prioritize their requirements, prepare roadmaps, understand available options for systems, explain what works well and what doesn’t, reduce cost and risk, and ensure that the EHS+S system elements beyond software are taken care of

Management Consulting Principal Consultant and Huco co-founder, Ron Huijsman is a teacher for the Professional Science Master Program at Rice University in Houston Texas. Ron, and Huco can help your organization stay on top of the latest trends in Sustainability management and reporting.

Data Management Many organizations are already measuring and recording key sustainability metrics but may not even know it. Huco can help your organization align disparate data systems by integrating or creating processes to automatically push or pull data from one enterprise software to another.

Reporting Keeping track of and planning routine compliance activities is often done manually and in spreadsheets. Reporting is increasingly becoming automated. Huco can simplify all aspects of reporting from data collection to generating reports.

Subject Matter Expertise

Principal Consultant and Huco co-founder, Ron Huijsman has been managing EHS system implementations and upgrades since the early ’90s. In addition to his work with Huco, Ron is an instructor for the Professional Science Master Program at Rice University in Houston Texas. He co-instructs on Sustainability Development and EHS Reporting for students in the Environmental Analysis and Decision Making Masters Program.

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    Ron Huijsman Founding Partner

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