Key Solutions Offered by Huco

Our EHS data management solutions help manage compliance risk and performance for a wide variety of industry segments including:

Oil & Gas, Energy, Petrochemical, Steel and Paper/Pulp.

System Delivery, MOC Support & Apps

We help you select, setup and support the right EHS solution to manage compliance. Our solutions will lead to more consistency, less error, streamlined data collection, better reporting, lower cost, reduced risk and ultimately value.

Management of Change

We help you keep up with change. New regulations, mergers & acquisitions, expansion, etc. often require additional training, new content, report updates, management dashboards, system integration/consolidation, software upgrades, and/or translation of complex permit and regulatory requirements into simple-to-follow tasks.

Cloud Based EHS Apps

We provide simple and affordable apps for focused EHS solutions using  SharePoint and Caspio. We’ve built apps for streamlined data collection, task management and project management. These are available for integration with existing systems.

Managed EHS Services

With our partners, we provide turnkey solutions to manage distinct EHS responsibilities such as: EI and/or GHG reporting, Compliance tracking and Incident tracking. Quality work with predictable costs.


Our Methodology for Quality Assurance

  • Design

    We start with a design document and work plan that leverages past work where possible. Requirements are defined, assumptions and risks documented, and recommendations provided.

  • Build

    After client approval of design and plans, we begin implementation in a test environment and pro-actively hold webinars to display progress and discuss design changes (if any) and recommendations.

  • Test

    Unit testing occurs throughout the build phase, and is followed by execution of a system test plan before opening the solution to user acceptance testing with provided training and testing documentation.

  • Deploy

    We work closely with your IT organization when needed to push our tested deliverables to the production environment, which is followed by additional QA/QC.

  • Support

    This is where Huco shines. Following implementation, we continue to provide responsive and expert support to help you with change, enhancements, issues, upgrades, reporting and ongoing support in general.

Our Permit Deconstruction Process

Software alone does not drive compliance. It is the content you put in it and the organizational processes around it that do. We have decades of experience helping Fortune 500 companies deconstruct permits in over 40 U.S. States and have reviewed policies and standards that span diverse media including, but not limited to: Air, Water, Waste, SPCC, Fire, Safety, Maintenance, DOT, PSM/RMP, Security and Fire Prevention. Our permit deconstruction approach outlined below can help any organization that requires consistent and transparent compliance management.


Our process starts with an analysis of your requirement documents (permit, policy, standard or regulation) to identify citations that do and do not need compliance tasks. The reason why sections and/or citations do not need tasks are clearly documented.


For requirements with tasks, we use our best practices and a rich library of baseline templates to develop your tasks. This includes determining the frequency, due date, if the task should be reactive or proactive, who should complete it, and the reminder schedule among other things.


After our experts review the work, we then recommend you validate the tasks with your sta to conrm compliance interpretations and alignment with work processes. In addition to ne tuning, this is an opportunity to train and ensure buy in.

04 / LOAD

The data is loaded in the system, either by you or by us. This includes items such as templates, original documents, privileges, and user/group assignments.


For organizations looking for a straight-forward and cost effective task management solution, we have developed a SharePoint based app called HuComply.