Safety Management Systems

What if you could prevent accidents, before they occured?

How does your organization track and manage safety? What if you could predict major or lost time accidents then prevent them before they occur? Is it easy for any employee to voice a safety observation or concern? Huco has solutions that can reduce risk, improve compliance, and increase productivity whether you already have a state of the art safety management system, or still keep track of incidents via paper records.

RISK ASSESSMENTS Do you know how likely a lost time accident will occur in your facility? Accidents happen, but would your organization take on a project or new client if an accident was certain to occur? Huco can help your organization set up a safety system that analyzes and calculates likely risk.

LEADING INDICATORS Loss of time accidents are incredibly expensive both monetarily and in lost productivity. Accidents involving a major injury or fatality can be even costlier and can also have criminal charges associated. What if your EHS system could prevent these kinds of incidents and even possibly predict and eliminate them? Huco can help you with tracking leading indicators for accidents, and assist in creating a system that can predict and prevent them from occurring.

ACCESSIBILITY Is it easy for any of your employees to make a safety report or observation? Accessibility is one of the most important factors to a successful safety program. Small tweaks such as making incident reporting anonymous or allowing employees to make safety observations on their smart phone can be the difference between your system being utilized or not. Huco can assist with workflow creation, incident or observation reporting forms, as well as training your staff on how to use your new software.

AUDITS Do you know how well safety policy is followed when management is not around? Huco has a staff of auditors with decades of industry experience. If you are already using your EHS system for audits, our staff can upload data directly to them. Alternately we can assist in setting up a system for external and internal audits that directly interfaces with existing enterprise applications.

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How Huco can Help

  • System Planning

    Our goal is to cost effectively help customers create a user friendly safety management solution focused on supporting the organization. We help customers prioritize their requirements, prepare roadmaps, understand available options for systems, explain what works well or doesn’t, reduce cost and risk, and ensure that vital system elements beyond software are taken care of handled.

  • System Content

    Huco has a library of regulatory content, deconstructed into easily to understood tasks with escalating reminders ready for loading into your system. Our library includes tasks for requirements such as Air, Stormwater, Waste, Greenhouse Gas, Safety, and more.

  • Data Alignment

    During a merger or acquisition there are multiple workflows, software packages, and processes that need to become aligned. Huco can align disparate systems through integration, configuration, or even helping you upgrade to a newer version of an existing platform.

  • Training

    In order for employees to use a system to it's fullest potential they must be trained. Huco can work with you to create a training plan by documenting existing processes, then creating a digital training program so key information remains with the organization when employees resign or retire.