Management of Change

Does your organization have a process to manage change?

Who keeps up with changing regulations? What if that person leaves? Do you have a plan to deal with an acquisition of another company? How about a quickly changing workforce? How about new State level rules, or changes in those on a municipal or county level? If the answer to any of these is “I don’t know;” Huco can help.

CHANGING RULES & REGULATIONS Regulations are constantly changing. Every year we see changes for OSHA, ISO guidelines and Greenhouse Gas regulation. How do you ensure compliance when standards are different on a year by year basis?

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are a way of life for many firms. What’s the right way of doing things? Who stays and who goes? How do you stay in compliance, manage risk and report consistently throughout the larger organization?

KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER The labor force is aging and changing. Companies are tightening up their processes, updating O&M manuals and doing pro-active training. A lot of knowledge is still however in the head of key staff. What if a key person is no longer available?

STAFF TURNOVER Employees move to new roles and gain new responsibilities. How do you deal with changing levels of experience in your organization? Similar to M&A activity, a management of change plan should address how newer, less-experienced employees can get quickly gain competency as well as minimize a loss of experience.

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How Huco can Help

  • System Planning

    Our goal is to cost effectively help customers create a user friendly EHS+S solution focused on supporting the organization. We help customers prioritize their requirements, prepare roadmaps, understand available options for systems, explain what works well or doesn’t, reduce cost and risk, and ensure that the EHS+S system elements beyond software are taken care of handled.

  • System Content

    Huco has a library of regulatory content, deconstructed into easily to understood tasks with escalating reminders ready for loading into your system. Our library includes tasks for requirements such as Air, Stormwater, Waste, Greenhouse Gas, Safety, and more.

  • Data Alignment

    During a merger or acquisition there are multiple workflows, software packages, and processes that need to become aligned. Huco can align disparate systems through integration, configuration, or even helping you upgrade to a newer version of an existing platform.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Do you have key employees nearing retirement? How about staff fresh out of university? Huco can work with you to create a training plan by documenting existing processes, then creating a digital training program so key information remains with the organization.