EHS System Planning

Aligning EHS Through Integrated Systems

Our goal is to cost effectively help customers create a user friendly EHS+S solution focused on supporting the organization. We help customers prioritize their requirements, prepare roadmaps, understand available options for systems, explain what works well and what doesn’t, reduce cost and risk, and ensure that the EHS+S system elements beyond software are taken care of too – we define a system as a combination of content, work processes, integrations, outputs and MOC processes in addition to the software tool.

REQUIREMENTS IDENTIFICATION Our software selection process starts with a needs assessment. We document as is processes and translate organizational requirements into a formal scoring criteria.

VENDOR PRE-SELECTION Once the compliance system priorities are understood by your firm, Huco can provide a list of systems and vendors that will work best for your organizational requirements and arrange demos of those platforms.

SOFTWARE DEMOS Once a list of potential vendors has been narrowed down by price or features, Huco can arrange software demonstrations can be scheduled to better understand system usability and viability. Most importantly, we provide advice and guidance on questions to ask, or features to review based on your organizational needs.

SCORING Often, the software selection process is made more complicated and more costly than necessary. Huco’s experience working with different solutions can help quickly understand which solution is best for your purpose.

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What’s Next?

  • Implementation

    We believe the implementation is more important than the technology, and many implementations fail. Many EHS professionals have never managed an enterprise software implementation. Huco has experienced staff that handle only software implementations and can guide you through the common pitfalls and hurdles of this process.

  • Configuration

    Our belief is that EHS challenges are more common than unique and our best practice is to avoid unnecessary and expensive customizations. After starting with what works, we configure the solution to capture the nuances of your organization and needs such as company specific fields, workflows and dashboards. We also help prioritize and setup integrations with upstream systems like HR and process historians and downstream BI tools, agency reporting and other systems.

  • Content

    Your EHS system is only as good as the content that goes into it. Huco has an extensive library of EHS content to load into your system including deconstructed standard permits, templates, and training documentation. Most importantly, Huco can help with proper workflow ensuring that tasks get completed on time by the right person. We also have standard templates to manage your emissions.

  • Training

    Staff buy-in is essential to a successful EMIS implementation. Employees are less likely to utilize a new tool if it seems overly complicated. As part of our implementation process, we conduct digital or in person training sessions for your staff covering best practices for your new system, including developing intuitive computer based training.