Compliance & Task Management Solutions

EHS software alone does not drive compliance.

Content such as your permits, emission factors, people and assets; technology tools; and the organizational processes around it drive compliance and manage risk.

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

  • Changing work force
  • Too many responsibilities assigned to too few people
  • Trouble delegating execution responsibilities to Operations
  • Not understanding permit or regulatory requirements
  • Missing requirements
  • New/changing rules and regulations
  • Managing agency interactions
  • Lack of consistent best practices across the organization

If so, turning complex regulatory/permit requirements and company procedures into easy to follow instructions that are planned and distributed with a task management system could be the solution for you.

Huco can help you select and setup a task management system and more importantly provide a stepping stone for quality content using our library for standard templates.

Huco Permit Deconstruction Map

With over a decade of experience in helping clients to deconstruct permits, regulations (federal, state, local and general/standard) and company/ facility specific plans into tasks, Huco has a library of standard templates for many regulatory requirements and even common company procedures.

Contact us for our full list of permits and task templates!

Our Methodology

Huco’s standard templates focus on the what and why using easy to understand instructions aimed at all users, even those with minimal credentials. These are designed to make it easy for users to respond to tasks that are an inherent part of their work activities. This results in reduced risk and better compliance for the facility and overall company. Starting with these standards, Huco uses a proven and successful process to “translate” complex requirements into consistent and easy to use tasks at low cost for transparent compliance management.

  • Analyze

    Permit deconstruction begins with an analysis of requirement documents (permit, policy, standard, or regulation) to identify citations that do and do not need compliance tasks. The reason why sections and/or citations do not need tasks are clearly documented.

  • Develop

    For requirements with tasks, We use best practices and a rich library of baseline templates to develop the tasks. This includes determining the frequency, due date, if the task should be reactive or proactive, who should complete it, and the reminder schedule among other things.

  • Review

    After our experts review the work we then recommend you validate the tasks with your staff to confirm compliance interpretations and alignment with work processes. In addition to fine tuning, this is an opportunity to train staff and ensure buy in.

  • Load

    The data is loaded in the system, either by your or by Huco. This includes items such as templates, original documents, privileges, and user/group assignments.


For organizations looking for a straight-forward and cost effective task management solution, we have developed a SharePoint based app called HuComply.