Business Intelligence

Pro-Active EHS

Research shows that less than one half of 1% of all collected data is ever used. Most organizations already have big data, but may not even know it. Business Intelligence refers to the analysis of that data, leveraged to gain greater insight of the high level challenges a company faces. Data you already collect can provide insight on how to prevent incidents, reduce emissions, lower costs and much more. Huco can help your organization leverage pre-existing systems and processes in develop valuable information to help you prepare for the future by uncovering actionable insights, pro-actively make decisions, and then reduce risk.

Accident Prevention

Lost time accidents alone are expensive and costs rise exponentially for major injuries or worse, fatalities. What if you could prevent these by simply connecting systems that your organization already owns and uses for other purposes? Huco can help you integrate enterprise software so your EHS department can use leading indicators to predict where accidents could occur, and prevent them before they happen.

Discover Actionable Insights

Huco can help bring your data to life by surfacing actionable insights from data you already collect, without manual analysis and planning Huco can help configure your system to easily track leading indicators and automate reports. Discover actionable insights and use them to change processes before an event happens.

Maximize Efficiency

Is your organization running at operational efficiency? If the answer is no, do you know where to start to get there? Integration and alignment of disparate data systems can improve efficiency by reducing redundant work and uncovering areas of inefficiency. Huco can help set up dashboards, and automated reports so you can quickly determine if you are running efficiently. Quickly gain insight into which business units are under-performing and why.

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How Huco can Help

  • System Planning

    Our goal is to cost effectively help customers create a user friendly EHS+S solution focused on supporting the organization. We help customers prioritize their requirements, prepare roadmaps, understand available options for systems, explain what works well or doesn’t, reduce cost and risk, and ensure that the EHS+S system elements beyond software are taken care of handled.

  • System Implementation

    We have partnered with industry leading organizations, helping us provide you with end-to-end compliance solutions. We believe EHS challenges are more common than unique. We focus on providing proven solutions and standardize our approach to implementation by leveraging our experience.

  • System Content

    Huco has a library of regulatory content, deconstructed into easily to understood tasks with escalating reminders ready for loading into your system. Our library includes tasks for requirements such as Air, Stormwater, Waste, Greenhouse Gas, Safety, and more.

  • Data Alignment

    During a merger or acquisition there are multiple workflows, software packages, and processes that need to become aligned. Huco can align disparate systems through integration, configuration, or even helping you upgrade to a newer version of an existing platform.