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Centralized compliance systems provide significant cost benefits and help mitigate compliance risk for companies that monitor and track their environmental, health and safety (EHS) impacts. Without such systems, organizations often rely on a combination of paper checklists, spreadsheets or custom databases that can be time consuming, labor intensive, inconsistent and prone to error.

EHS DATA MANAGEMENT Experts across media (Air, Water, Waste, GHG, Incidents, etc.), we provide end-to-end solutions for managing your data. From data collection that is aligned with your business to management reporting using Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Excel VBA, SharePoint & SSRS

ENTERPRISE IMPLEMENTATION Partnering with the leading EMIS software providers since 2008, we have experience implementing large solutions quickly. We rolled out a GHG reporting system for a large upstream Oil & Gas firm in < 6 months, and an entire task management solution for a pipeline company in < 4 months.

CLOUD BASED EHS APPS Using fast deployment platforms like SharePoint 2013 and Caspio, we’ve built apps for task management, project management and data collection.

GREENHOUSE GAS REPORTING Supported numerous clients with the EPA's Mandatory Reporting Rule (Subparts A, C, NN, PP & W) using a variety of software solutions (including the proposed rule and each revision) since 2010.

EMISSIONS INVENTORY We configure EMIS tools for calculation and reporting of EIs for any state. We also support the process of annual EI generation.

COMPLIANCE TRACKING SYSTEMS We specialize in the art and science of compliance, helping you breakdown your permits and regulations into easy to follow tasks, and load them into leading compliance management tools.

SYSTEM INTEGRATION Using dashboards, data warehouses, custom data loaders and back-end connections, we can help you integrate your various sources of EHS data to minimize data collection and reliance on database administrators and IT.

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Understanding how your organization works is a critical part of all our engagements, which allows us to give you recommendations beyond software and regulations.

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